The xx – “Angels”

you move through the room like breathing was easy

I’ve always liked The xx in a kind of “Oh, they’re pleasant to listen to” kind of way. “Crystalised” is an absolutely lovely little gem of a male/female duet (one of my musical weaknesses), and songs like “Shelter” and “Infinity” are also beautifully simmered down tunes, but I’ve never freaked out over an xx track since their stuff tends to blend into a mellow mix of spacey electronics and simple melodies.

That changed with the release of their new tune, “Angels.” Maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” lately (up to season 3 now!), but whatever the case is, “Angels” is sublime, a gorgeously lilting aural seduction that basically screams (or in this case, breathily croons) “Grab the person you love and fuck them gently in the softest of natural lighting.” Bonus points if it’s raining outdoors.

This is the kind of song that would play during a “Skins” sex scene. Hell, I’ll be supremely surprised if it doesn’t pop up during the final season.

(Image: Perfect Storm by Tomer Hanuka, via Gaks Designs)


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