It is time to, as they say, “nut up, or shut up.” 

HEY, we know each other
This ain’t so crazy
You’ve got my number
Talk later, maybe?

You’ve been on my mind
A lot lately
You’ve got my number
Talk later, maybe?

I’ve been a bit of an asshole with my friends recently because I can’t figure my shit out. So, I’m going to figure it out. What do I have to lose? Yes, this is true, but should the worst happen, at least in the following weekend

1. I’m going to beat teen pregnancy
2. The summer Olympics will start
3. I’ll have people with whom I can share wine and Snuggies
4. “Buffy” Netflix marathons are happening
5. There’ll be new episodes of “True Blood” and “Breaking Bad”
6. I’ll be seeing Dirty Projectors at the Wiltern
7. It’ll all be over.

* The title of this post is shamelessly stolen from the “True Blood” premiere. Every now and then I’ll stumble upon a phrase that just sounds perfect, and that is one such phrase; it’s also pretty accurate.

EDIT: Jokes jokes jokes, guys, my life is one long string of jokes. And as I said before, back when my will was set on realism, ’tis not a bang, but a whimper. Or in this case, utterly deafening silence.

(Image: Winter Time series by Marek Samojeden, via adrifts)


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