MIXTAPE: Slow Men, Fast Women

Today’s my birthday, but I don’t feel much like reflecting.

So I made a mixtape.


1. “Bizarre Love Triangle” – New Order
2. “I’ve Just Seen A Face” – The Beatles
3. “Thinkin Bout You” – Frank Ocean (non album version)
4. “Slow Show” – The National
5. “This Modern Love” – Bloc Party
6. “Portions For Foxes” – Rilo Kiley
7. “Paper Bag” – Fiona Apple
8. “Poster of a Girl” – Metric
9. “What’s A Girl To Do?” – Bat For Lashes
10. “Dancing On My Own” – Robyn


(Image: Sleeping by Ramona Ring, via The Art of Animation)


4 thoughts on “MIXTAPE: Slow Men, Fast Women

  1. canNOT believe i forgot to say happy birthday. BLAAAAHHHHH IT’S SO INEXCUSABLY LATE NOW… i am sorry! I know saying happy birthday over the internet means close to nothing, but at this point i am too ashamed to text it to you… … … lame, yeah. HAPPY. BIRTHDAY.! I MISS YOU! I MEAN IT!

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