Other, Better

A wish list, in verse.

Seed line: “calloused hands and open arms.”

you whisper secrets in my ear
and hold my shoulders in your palms,
my back against your chest, the swell
of which i follow with my breath

and calloused hands and open arms
meet calloused feet and open legs,
to form a compromising pose,
two halves together, not quite whole

i turn to meet you, face to face,
your eyelashes entwined with mine;
on tiptoes, gently, i reach up
and hook my arms around your neck

your body forms a breathing bower
made of many nesting limbs
and i am yours, the melting center
of a human chocolate

this is the feeling that sweeps up
all others in its hasty wake:
to want you, claim you, mine to keep;
to want me, claim me, yours to take

(Image: Long Distance by Jennifer Yung)


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