Queens of the Stone Age – “In My Head”

“I’m so high I run in place” – oh yes.

Just kidding! I’ve never done anything bad, ever.

All jokes aside, Queens of the Stone Age is one of my favorite bands, and I can’t articulate why. I don’t listen to a lot of hard rock, but there’s something about QOTSA that speaks to me, the same part of me that rocks out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ first album. It’s guttural music, but not in a bad, gurgling way—the bass rumbles, the drums drive, the guitar stutters, and Josh Homme’s voice is smooth enough to be poured over ice.

Their music is sexy. Gritty, grimy, sweaty, pulsing, sexy music. Which is part of the reason I would never have imagined I’d like it (ha), but ever since I saw/heard the music video for “Sick Sick Sick” on Stereogum, I’ve been hooked.

It doesn’t help that Homme’s a looker.

The band recently announced that they’re back to work on the 6th LP, and so I’ve been listening to their back catalog a lot. “Era Vulgaris” is one of my favorite albums, but it’s “In My Head” off of “Lullabies To Paralyze” that’s been my jam for a while now. The beginning of the song ramps up into steady groove; in my head, I can see Homme holding the mic stand, using it as a crutch as he bobs his head and gears up to sing.

Most QOTSA songs have that kind of solid instrumental foundation, and Homme’s voice can take on its characteristic digs and dips (see: “I’m Designer”). What makes “In My Head” stand out to me is the part of the song where the guitar takes over. Guitar solos in and of themselves aren’t special within QOTSA’s song repertoire, but when Homme’s voice comes back into the tune with what sound like moans (of what, you be the judge) and he croons “Hurry up and wait forever,” and then the band and the chorus comes back in… it sounds like a prayer, like Homme wants to be pulled out of the frenzy of being in his head.

Also, the chorus lyrics are a perfect description of what it’s like to be stoned and jamming out. Not that I’d know anything about that.

The band’s gone on record saying they hate the music video for “In My Head,” so here’s a video of one of their live performances.

QOTSA tour in 2013, anyone?

(Image: 22 by Jorge Roa)


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