TV On the Radio – “Dirtywhirl”

“Tangled up in the flesh of a girl” – yikes.

I’ve been a fan of “Wolf Like Me” by TVOTR since, well, the song was released (2006 and 2007 were good years for my music taste) and I’ve jammed out to other songs by the band, but I hadn’t listened to “Return to Cookie Mountain” all the way through.

This song makes me glad I did.

Equal parts dirty and dangerous, “Dirtywhirl” is the saga of a destructive woman, but ohhhh if there’s a way to go, she’s it.

The video’s pretty good too: dream sequences and mermaid sweethearts meet retro film aesthetics… and missed connections.

(Image: Points of Contention by Jonathan Latiano, via razorshapes)


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