In The End


…and I’m not going to finish that thought but if you can’t figure it out, come ON.

Anyway, right now I’m sitting in my papa’s apartment in Germantown, Maryland, and my parents are watching this crazy murder mystery show on HLN or something and my sis is brushing her teeth, and tonight we’re going to be sleeping on the floor of the apartment’s living room but before that we’re going to watch a bunch of “Adventure Time.” Yeah. Mimi really likes Lemongrab because he’s craAaAaAazy.

But actually.

But the reason I’m posting today is because the world hasn’t ended yet, and even though the idea of an impending apocalypse produced a lot of Internet gold,

Such as the following.

I’m glad I’m still alive, and that I’m able to spend some time with my fambam because it’s been months since all four of us have shared the same physical space.

Since going to college, we’ve kept in regular contact by vidchatting every Sunday afternoon, but in the past year, it’s been harder and harder to get all of us together to chat. My mama holds down the old family home in the Jerz, but my sis left this fall for college in DC, and then my papa works and lives in Germantown. They’re all at least on the East Coast, so it’s just me left out of the loop on the other side of the country. Oh well, I chose this life, and I don’t regret heading west at all, so, yeah.

That doesn’t mean it’s not nice to be home, to see the people that I spent most of my life with. A bunch of us got dinner yesterday night, and the conversation was so easy; we all slipped into the same patterns of banter, but we’re all at such different points in our life that it’s sometimes surreal, to turn to these familiar faces and know how different these people were from the folks that I graduated with two and a half years ago, but it’s not a bad feeling because the changes are for the better.

Or at least, they are for me. And really, my security in that knowledge is enough of a gift this holiday season.

(Image: Untitled (OH IX) by Menno Aden, via razorshapes)


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