MIXTAPE: Go On Without Me

It’s something of a running joke amongst my friends that I dodge personal questions.

This isn’t because I’m hoarding any dark secrets in my past. No, I’m sordid scandal-free, though I’ve done my share of stupid shit before. It’s life, man, you know?!?!

Pretty sure my close friends know what voice I’m using when I say that. Please don’t take me seriously. And if you do… well.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make more mixtapes (or if I’m going to be technical here, tracklistings) for this blog for a while now because 1) I’m a music writer so I should post more music and 2) I’m very particular about what certain songs mean to me so why not share the tunes to which I affix the most meaning?

So, I’ve assembled 20 songs that pretty much encapsulate the essence of my ~*being*~ or something like that. The songs are organized into two “sides”: IN DEFENSE and IN DREAMS. The section titles should be self-describing, and if they aren’t, might I suggest reading more of my blog entries and thus digging deeper into my psyche? Ooh, I hope I haven’t opened a door I can’t close.


go on without me


  1. Ghinzu – “21st Century Crooners”
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Cheated Hearts”
  3. Snow Patrol – “Whatever’s Left”
  4. Crystal Castles – “Courtship Dating”
  5. Cults – “You Know What I Mean”
  6. The Colour Revolt – “Mattresses Underwater”
  7. Coldplay – “A Rush of Blood to the Head”
  8. VAST – “Sunday I’ll Be Gone”
  9. The National – “Anyone’s Ghost”
  10. Queens of the Stone Age – “I Appear Missing”


  1. Metric – “Combat Baby”
  2. CSS – “Hits Me Like A Rock”
  3. Muse – “Bliss”
  4. Fiona Apple – “Anything We Want”
  5. The Postal Service – “Brand New Colony”
  6. Franz Ferdinand – “Eleanor Put Your Boots On”
  7. Cloud Cult – “Take Your Medicine”
  8. Klaxons – “Gravity’s Rainbow”
  9. The Hundred in the Hands – “The Beach”
  10. The Notwist – “One With The Freaks”

Play it on Spotify HERE or on 8tracks HERE. Download the tracks themselves HERE (they’re not sorted, so good luck doing that yourself!!!). Happy listening.

(Image: Ephemera by Minoru)


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